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Welcome to the home of My Drawing Board.
An independent not-for-profit organization with
 ties to no one -- we're just a bunch of CAD 
fanatics who use computers to design any number of 
odd and interesting things. Mostly we are stone cutters 
and memorial designers, so expect a lot of flowers, 
crosses and angel designs as well as lots of monuments. 
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 600,000 plus archived plotter and
cutter ready vector files
Over 100,000 designs posted online and FREE with paid
membership and/or trade. Why draw them when the
industry's top designers already did it once?  
All popular formats available -
Designs can be browsed by members
through our handy ALL_DESIGNS search engine.

Sell, Swap, Lease, Purchase Designs
 We divide ourselves into two classes - 
    As ever, members in the the STANDARD class will always have the right to download designs from our archives at only the monthly lease fee of $29 US dollars. Those who participate do not own the design, rather they are leased for use while the member remains in the STANDARD class.
   The new members' class, called SHOPPERS are allowed access to the Board and to purchase designs. They will not be able to download the designs freely as STANDARD members do. Not all designs are for sale. Some artists will retain the right to not sell their designs. Designs purchased belong to the buyer but retain all copyrights of the artists.
Just as the book or CD you own on your desk.
For security reasons and to aid in expenses, and the way our website is mechanized SHOPPERS will be required to create an account and pay a small monthly fee of  $ 6.00.

   Members who allow us permission to sell their designs will receive 80% of the gross sale.


We are always looking to post designs which you need
or just don't want to bother drawing.  The drawing
above is a Sun God which - if drawn true to the
original, as it is here - can take a drafter over
24 hours to complete. 
We do it for free. Click here for details 

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Contribute designs; get free access
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Art Gallery
Show everyone your favorite (and not-so-favortie) projects.
Use your gallery link as a portfolio.
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Online sources for designs, design tools
Definitions. State Seals. International Flags.
Translations. Links. Logos, Saints, US States' 
Flowers and Birds are just some 
of what we offer in our Libraries.

Welcome and please click here to enter.
This is only the beginning. 
We are as diversified as the several artists
who contribute in art, word, and discussions.
Much of our site is free to browse through, so come on in. 
Whether you are a layman, or in need of a
design, or a fine artist, you are welcome.

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MyDrawingBoard is a not-for-profit
organization formed to create and share 
CAD resources world-wide.
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